The long Easter weekend is almost upon us, and what better way to spend those 4 days off work than enjoying good food and good company. Many people will be taking the opportunity to hone their baking skills over the Easter weekend and impress the family with a yummy cake for dessert after the Sunday roast. If you’re looking for some cake inspiration then you’ve come to the right place; here are four fun desserts to impress your guests with this Easter...


Chocolate nest cake


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Transform a regular chocolate cake into an Easter nest cake with a few creative tweaks. Bake (or buy!) a large round chocolate cake and cover it in a thick layer of chocolate buttercream. Use Cadbury’s flakes, or equivalent, broken up and stuck around the edge of the cake to create the nest, then fill your nest with mini eggs!


Easter chick cupcakes


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Making Easter chick cupcakes is easier than you might think! Lemon cupcakes made using fresh lemon zest and juice have a natural yellow colour to them which is perfect for making cute chick cupcakes, and lemon is such a lovely flavour as the spring weather creeps in. Once your cupcakes are baked, let them cool before icing with lemon buttercream. Top them with circles of yellow sugarpaste icing, and stick on some little yellow wings, a small orange icing beak, and finish your chicks off with some eyes!


Hot cross pudding


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Use up any leftover hot cross buns in this Easter take on a bread and butter pudding. You can find the full recipe on the BBC Good Food website, but you’ll need stale hot cross buns, lemon curd, eggs, cream, milk, vanilla, sugar, and lemon zest to make this delicious pudding that’s sure to go down a treat with your Easter guests!

Simnel cake


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Simnel cake is a traditional Easter bake which features eleven balls of marzipan on top to represent the twelve apostles, minus Judas as he betrayed Jesus. The cake itself is packed full of fruit and spice with a hidden marzipan centre. If you like marzipan and want the perfect cake to honour the true meaning of Easter then the simnel cake is ideal.