As you know, we love cakes here at Simply Cake Craft, especially when you make them yourself! If you’re looking to make a birthday cake for a friend or family member, we’ve got some top tips on how to make sure that this birthday cake is one to remember…


One way to make your birthday cake creation stand out from the rest of the vanilla sponges out there is to use colour… and lots of it!

Make the most of the icing on top, the filling in between layers and even the sponge mix before baking. Get some food colouring and go crazy with it all.

Favourite things

Another way to impress is to embrace one, some or all of the birthday boy or girl’s favourite things. That way, they are bound to love it.

Cover it in their favourite sweets or chocolates for delicious decoration, or shape it to be or incorporate their favourite animal or sport – dog cake anyone?


You can make the birthday cake extra personal by including a photo of the birthday boy or girl. And yes, we mean an edible photo! You can create a cake decoration of your favourite photographs for cupcakes and cakes.

Get out the photo album or have a look through Facebook and find the perfect addition to your cake creation. How about choosing an old photo of the two of you as children? Or why not put a silly photo of them on top?

Something a bit different

When you think of a birthday cake, you tend to think of a round cake with candles in, right? But what’s stopping you from doing something else?

One of our favourite ideas which is perfect for a birthday party is to do cupcakes instead – they’re easy to make, there’s no need to cut them, and you can decorate them all individually which is a lot of fun.

If your friend is a real cookie monster, then why not treat her to a box of birthday cookies? Our how about missing out the eighteen candles for an 18th birthday party, and shaping the cake in a big 1 and 8?

There are so many ways you can make a birthday cake special and unique; you’ve just got to be creative with it!