Whether you’re newly engaged, or in the throes of planning your big day, there’s one thing that all brides worry about, besides the dress, and that’s the cake! We’ve scoured the web and done the research for you, and we bring you five of the best wedding cake trends around at the moment...

Naked cakes

Naked Cake

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Naked cakes have been taking the wedding world by storm recently, and their popularity doesn’t look like it’s going to wane any time soon! A naked cake is essentially one that hasn’t been covered in icing so you can see its cake and buttercream layers in all their glory. Naked cakes are perfect for showcasing different coloured sponge, seasonal fruit layers, and cutting down on the amount of sugar in each slice! If you’re having a simple wedding or your theme is rustic or shabby chic then a naked wedding cake will fit in perfectly.

Porcelain white cakes

Porcelain White Cake

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White wedding cakes have always been popular, but they’re really on trend right now. They go with any colour scheme and add a touch of simplicity and class to your wedding day. Of course many people choose a white wedding cake and have it decorated in their wedding colours, but a porcelain white wedding cake decorated with white flowers and lace looks elegant and timeless in your wedding photos.

Lace wedding cakes

Lace Cake

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If your wedding dress features intricate lace detailing then why shouldn’t your cake? With modern cake decorating tools and the skill to use them, cake makers are going all out to create stunning lace wedding cakes that will wow your guests. Lace wedding cakes work well when the base cake is iced with ivory icing, and the lace overlay is made from white icing for a slight contrast without being too garish. Although having said that, white lace can also look incredibly stunning over a cake iced in your wedding colours.

Ombre wedding cakes

Ombre Cake

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Another popular trend in the wedding cake world is ombre. This basically involves a graduation of different shades of colour. In the image we can see pale purple gradually increases in intensity until the bottom tier where it’s a deep violet colour. An ombre cake could also take you from lemon to orange, or from pale orange to deep red, for example. The cake can be as simple or as intricate as you like. You could keep it plain as in the image here, or use ruffles, flowers, or hearts in graduating colours.