It just wouldn’t be Christmas in the UK without a brandy-laden fruit cake coated in marzipan and icing, would it? This rich fruity cake that takes several months to prepare is a fond tradition for many of us. However, spend Christmas in a different part of the world and you may find that their cake of choice is something entirely different. Here are some of the different festive cakes you can find around the globe...


This sweet bread loaf is traditionally associated with Italy, although it has also caught on in other areas of the world such as Argentina. It is domed in shape, and can be served either cut into wedges or slices, spread with a little bit of butter. It can even be used to make a festive bread and butter pudding!


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Stollen is a German cake which is enjoyed all year round, but at Christmas it is tweaked a little and becomes Christollen. Early stolen was made using flour, oats, and water; but thankfully the recipe has evolved and this rich cake is now packed full of fruit, spices, and marzipan.


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Bolo Rei de Natal

The name of this Portuguese cake translates into Christmas King’s Cake, and the ring shaped cake is meant to last from Christmas to Epiphany. It is made from soft white dough which contains raisins, nuts, and dried fruit, and is decorated with dried fruit and nuts too.


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Similar to the Italians with their Panettone, the Romanians also enjoy a bread style Christmas cake. Cozonac is usually loaf-shaped, and can be plain or marbled with chocolate like this one here.


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Galette des Rois

The French celebrate the festive season with a delicious frangipane tart. Traditionally a favour or ‘feve’ is hidden inside the tart and the person who finds it gets to be king for the day! A slice is cut for everyone at the table, plus and extra one for a poor person passing by.


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