Baking a cake is the perfect way to mark any celebration. With St Patrick’s Day coming up on Tuesday 17th March, it’s time to get into the kitchen and practise your baking skills. March is a busy month with Mothering Sunday this week too but thankfully we’ve got some top ideas to help you out with both events. For all the best decorations, our St Patrick’s Day range at Simply Cake Craft can get you started.

Clover cakes


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Keep things simple by baking up a clover cake. Channel the luck of the Irish by featuring four-leafed clovers on your cake. Pour your mixture into our Irish flag or special St Patrick’s Day cake wraps and add mini clovers to your cupcakes such as our fun cupcake decoration toppers. They’ll be great for giving out at a party or sharing around the family. If you want to experiment a bit more why not bake a round sponge and then cut it into the shape of a clover, before decorating in a thick layer of green icing.


Leprechaun hat


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Everyone knows that leprechauns are associated with Ireland. Dating back to Irish folklore they are said to be little mischief makers who store their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Take a nod to the pesky leprechauns by creating a cake shaped as a hat. All you need to do is created a two tiered cake, with one very thin but large sponge as the brim of the hat, and a taller but narrower sponge for the tower. Decorate the entire cake with green icing and make a belt from black and yellow icing. If you’re confident in the kitchen, why not add separate flavoured or coloured tiers to the inside of your cake.


Over the rainbow


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Go looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow by baking a rainbow into your St Patrick’s Day cake. You could create a tiered or moulded rainbow cake using different coloured food icing so that everyone who takes a slice gets a surprise inside. Decorate the outside of the cake with a simple green icing or butter cream, and green sugar balls for a grass or clover effect. For something easier, create a 3-D rainbow design on the exterior of your cake. Rainbow fizzy laces are a great way to add this to cupcakes!

Chocolate indulgence


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If you don’t fancy decorating your cake in green, there are a few different ways to still bake the perfect St Patrick’s Day cake. For all those chocolate lovers, indulge in a rich chocolate cake shaped like a pot of gold. Sprinkle some chocolate coins over the top to represent the leprechaun’s prize at the end of the rainbow. It can be as simple or decorative as you like, and you could even sandwich things together or coat with gold icing. Have a look at our full gold range of cake goodies. Grand!

For more baking tips and cake ideas, have a look through the rest of our blog. Our huge selection of cake decorations at Simply Cake Craft has you sorted for every holiday, birthday or event. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries though.