Cupcakes are pretty little things that adorn vintage cake stands at quaint afternoon teas, aren’t they? Light, fluffy sponge cakes topped with buttercream that’s been whipped to perfection, and decorated with edible flowers and pearls... Well not in October! In October, cupcakes get spooky as we gear up for Halloween. With a bit of imagination and the right tools, you can create the most ghastly and ghoulish cupcakes!

Take a look at the ones below for some spooky inspiration:

Ghost Cupcakes

These are so easy to make! You can either make your own marshmallow and pipe it on for the ultimate ethereal ghost cupcake; or you can whip your regular buttercream for longer than usually until it’s really light and fluffy, then pipe it onto your cupcakes using a round ended nozzle. Don’t forget to give your ghosts a face, too!


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Pumpkin Cupcakes

We can’t decide if these little guys are scary or just plain cute! Either way, they’re super easy to make. Add some orange food colouring to your buttercream, a little at a time until you get the right colour. Spread the buttercream over each cupcake, then use a flat edged cake decorating tool, or a small palette knife to add ridges. Finish with a small amount of black royal icing and a small amount of green to give your pumpkin a stalk and a face.


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Gravestone Cupcakes

These spooky gravestone cupcakes make a great addition to any Halloween party, and they’re incredibly simple to make. Start by making some chocolate buttercream for the ‘soil’, spread it onto the cupcake, don’t worry about keeping it neat. Sprinkle some flakes of chocolate or a touch of cocoa powder onto the buttercream to give a soily effect. Take some oblong shaped biscuits, write “RIP” onto them with an icing pen, and stick them into the buttercream so that they look like gravestones!


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Spider’s Web Cupcakes

So simple to make, yet so effective! Start by baking a batch of chocolate cupcakes then let them cool down fully before icing. Make a glace icing using icing sugar and water, then carefully spoon onto each cupcake and put to one side. Make a chocolate glace icing by adding a little cocoa powder to the icing sugar and water mix, ensuring you achieve a firm consistency that can be piped. Use a small nozzle to pipe three concentric circles onto the white icing that you applied to the cupcakes. Starting from the central circle, use a toothpick to skew the circles, creating a cobweb effect.


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