The Easter holiday doesn’t generate quite as much excitement from children as Christmas does, but there are plenty of ways to make the day fun and get children involved. We’ve put together our pick of the best ways to keep the kids occupied on Easter Sunday and throughout the school holidays. All of these activities can be done indoors in case the Great British weather is not on your side this Easter...

  • Make Easter bonnets: Straw bonnets can be picked up cheaply from most supermarkets and pound shops so grab a few and dig out the paints and crayons. Leftover cardboard, bits of ribbon and lace can be put to good use in creating the decorations for an Easter bonnet. Why not invite some other parents and children to come over and create bonnets and then the children can put on an Easter parade!
  • Paint eggs: Look out for an egg painting kit in your local craft shop. They usually come with several plain white ‘eggs’ and some paints or felt-tips. Kids will have loads of fun creating patterns on the eggs, and then you could give them to grandma and granddad as a fun gift!
  • Bake some cakes: Kids love getting messy and what’s more fun than the kind of mess you get to eat afterwards?! Bake some cupcakes or fairy cakes and let the children decorate them afterwards. Our Easter cake decorations will allow you to create cupcakes that are good enough to eat! Make some buttercream in different colours and have some small tubs of sprinkles so that the kids can create whatever design they like.
  • Have an Easter egg hunt: If the weather is on your side you could hide small chocolate eggs in the garden and set up clues that help your children to find them. If the weather is not on your side this is still a fun activity to do indoors too. There are plenty of Easter egg hunt kits available to help you to set everything up.