Bakers everywhere are striving to achieve the elusive flat-topped cupcake, follow our guide and you’ll see that it’s easier than you think!

The UK is currently in the throes of a passionate love affair with cupcakes, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! We’ve turned our backs on other baked goods to have a sordid affair with those adorable frosted little beauties and long may it continue.

Ever since the humble cupcake made its way across the pond from America a few years back, bakers everywhere have strived to achieve the perfect cupcake. But what exactly makes a cupcake perfect?

In terms of being able to decorate a cupcake easily without too much fuss a flat-topped cupcake is definitely perfect for the job. Since we’re the cupcake decorating experts it’s only right that we share with you our secrets for achieving the elusive flat-topped cupcake.

Ensure that your cupcake cases are no more than two thirds full with batter. This will usually mean that your batter will go a little further and you may get 14 or 15 cupcakes from a batch instead of your usual dozen.

Cupcakes tend to peak in the middle when they are cooked on too high a temperature. The ingredients in the batter undergo a sort of chemical reaction whilst cooking, if this reaction happens too quickly the peaks form. Try turning your oven down to around 150°C, an oven thermometer can help you to set the temperature accurately.

If your cupcakes peak in the middle and you’re struggling to achieve the flat tops that you desire then don’t panic, just fake it! Cake decorating is quite forgiving; all of that buttercream frosting and sprinkles can hide a multitude of things. If you’ve got peaks where you don’t want them simply slice off the top of the cupcake before icing, and use the crumbs to make cake pops!