If you’ve read our blog post about how and when to make your Christmas cake then your cake should be in the process of being fed regularly with brandy or rum. With just over two weeks to go until the big day it’s time to start planning the design for your Christmas cake decoration. You’ll need to ice it around a week before the big day, so over the next week start to decide on how you want to decorate it and gather your equipment. Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Keep it simple

If cake decoration is not your strong point then it’s best to keep it simple with one of the following ideas. Use a star or snowflake cutter in different sizes and alternating colours of sugarpaste to create a layered effect like below:


Image source

Wrap a ribbon around the cake in a festive colour, or a suitable colour to match your chosen theme this year. A wide ribbon tied in a beautiful bow can also help to hide any icing mishaps you may have had whilst covering your cake!


Image source

Forego the icing altogether and simply top your Christmas cake with candied fruit and nuts as below. Arrange the fruit and nuts on top of the cake and brush with a sugar glaze to set them in place.


Image source

Show off your skills

If you’re an expert cake decorator then Christmas is the perfect time to show off your skills and wow your dinner guests. For example this two-tiered poinsettia cake is stunning yet simple. All you need is the right icing cutter and some good quality sugarpaste and food colouring!


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Or how about using four different sized cakes stacked on top of one another to create this fun snowman cake?! He’s dressed in snow-white icing, and his sugarpaste scarf keeps him toasty warm all winter – or until he’s been eaten at least!


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Here at Simply Cake Craft we stock a variety of Christmas themed decorations, including glitter, shimmer, cupcake toppers, and cake frills. Take a look at our range of decorations and let your imagination run wild.