Who doesn’t love cake? We think we can probably all agree that we’d like it a bit more often too if we could. But what happens if we told you that you can bake your cakes healthier?

It’s true! There are certain things you can do to make your cakes that little bit healthier, without sacrificing on taste and sweetness. Want to hear more? We thought you might – here are our top tips to take the guilt out of eating cake...

Swap white flour

There are so many different types of flour out there, and some of them make a healthy alternative to that white or ‘all-purpose’ flour we all usually put in our cakes and cupcakes. White flour is processed in a way that removes the bran and the germ of wheat, so trying out whole-wheat flours, nut flours or mixing together different types will get some nutrients back in your baking.

Go bananas

Sure, we’ve all had our fair share of banana bread or banana loaf, but did you know you can use bananas as a fat alternative in your baking? Mashed bananas can act as the perfect replacement for butter or oil, giving your cake a healthier kick as well as some extra flavour. If you’re not keen on bananas, you can experiment with pureed prunes or Greek yoghurt too.

Try applesauce

We all know that applesauce is an essential for our roast pork dinners, but did you know that it tastes amazing in your cakes too? As a replacement for sugar or fat, applesauce can reduce the calories and the fat-content found in the ingredients like butter or oil, and improve the taste!

Get fruity

Talking of applesauce, there’s a lot of fruit and vegetables out there that will not only make your baking healthier, but will improve its taste and texture too. Shredded vegetables like carrots and courgettes work a treat – seriously! If you don’t believe us, think about one of your all-time favourites: carrot cake. These vegetables offer a certain moistness and texture that will make your cakes irresistible.

Icing Queen

If you don’t want to spare on the ingredients going into your cake, then have a think about what’s going on top of your cake. Instead of piling on the buttercream, opt for healthier toppings like whipped cream, low-fat yoghurt or low-fat cream cheese. Things like yoghurt and cream cheese will maintain the rich, creamy texture which looks and tastes so great on top of a cake, and be better for you too.

Top it up

All those sprinkles and sweeties that can make a cake look extra pretty can end up being unnecessary calories, especially if you’re trying to watch what you eat. If you feel you’re missing out on the colour factor, try out using fruit puree in your icing mixture instead of food colouring. Top it with fruit and berries which will look just as good and give you just as much colour as those Hundreds and Thousands. If you really want to hit your sweet tooth, melt dark chocolate to pour over the top.