Halloween provides the perfect excuse to throw a party, not that we need an excuse! Unlike other parties that happen throughout the year, when it comes to Halloween, the theme is already decided for you. Fancy dress is usually the order of the day at Halloween, but of course there are different ideas you could go with within the fancy dress theme. In this blog we’ll be talking you through how to throw a great party with a traditionally spooky and gruesome Halloween theme...


Set the scene

Hosting a great Halloween party is all about setting the scene and creating the right atmosphere. Start by sending out invitations to let your guests know where and when the party is, and advise them what type of fancy dress you’d like to see them in, i.e. traditional Halloween, dead celebrities etc. Once you’ve invited your guests you’ll need to start preparing for the party:

  • Decorations: There’s no such thing as OTT when it comes to Halloween decorations! Hang cobwebs and spiders in the ceiling corners, dangle bats from the ceiling, have a skeleton ready to greet your guests, and place jack-o-lanterns and candles around to create spooky mood lighting.
  • Music: Create a playlist of favourite pop songs and spooky classics to keep the party going. Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and Bobby Pickett’s classic ‘Monster Mash’ are a must, interspersed with spooky sounds like creaking doors, ghostly howls, thunder claps, and monster cackling.
  • Costume area: Set up a an area with a dressing up box filled with Halloween items such as fangs, masks, and wigs, as well as things such as tiaras and feather boas. Put up a couple of spooky backdrops, and let your guests get creative in the ‘photo booth’ area!
  • Extras: Play classic horror films on the TV, with or without the sound on, to get your guests in a spooky mood. Films like Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Exorcist, Beetlejuide, or The Addams Family are perfect for setting the scene!


Put on a spread

Your guests will expect food and drink at your party, so tie it in with the Halloween theme to really impress them:

  • Savoury items: Serve things like twiglets and breadsticks, calling them ‘witches fingers’, dipped into ketchup or guacamole; or cut sandwiches into the shape of coffins. You could also serve spiced pumpkin soup from a ‘cauldron’ like a witches brew!
  • Sweet items: Serve jelly filled with grape ‘eyeballs’, biscuits with the words ‘RIP’ iced onto them to look like gravestones, skeleton gingerbread men, and cupcakes decorated like pumpkins or ghosts.
  • Drinks: Make up some red ‘vampire blood punch’, or mix up a ‘witches brew’ cocktail. You could even provide the spirits and mixers and let your guests create their own concoctions at the ghoulish brewing station!
  • Plates and accessories: There are plenty of Halloween themed plates, cups, and napkins etc available to buy, so make sure you invest in some to keep your party theme going. Paper plates and foil platters can be disposed of afterwards, saving time when it comes to clearing up the aftermath the next day.