Are you planning a children’s Easter party? Then why not check out some of our top tips for making it a real eggstravaganza for you and the kids…


It’s a party so that means you can have some real fun with the decoration around the house. Chicks, bunnies, eggs everywhere!

Decorate the house and garden with fun signs and accessories, and think about making your own decorative egg basket for a centrepiece on the dining or buffet table. You could even get the kids to come in fancy dress, and the adults too if you dare…


There are a lot of fun and delicious Easter recipes you can experiment with – lay all the cupcakes, cornflake nests and chocolate brownies out on the table for people to help themselves to. You could even assign a whole table to desserts if you’ve gone all out.

Seeing as the children (and probably you too!) will be filling up on sweets and chocolatey delights, make sure you put out some fruit and veg for them to help themselves too as well, otherwise you may have some very hyper children.


The list is endless when it comes to thinking of party games to play, and but when there’s an Easter theme, it’s a no-brainer to incorporate eggs… into almost any party game you can think of in fact.

There is the egg and spoon race, or an egg relay, the risky egg toss, the guess the number of eggs game. How about Pin the Tail on the Rabbit?

You can also get the kids involved in some fun craft activities too. Set up a table and a decorating area where they can decorate and embellish boiled eggs or Easter cookies.

Easter egg hunt

No Easter party is complete without an Easter egg hunt! And luckily for you, the adults can have some real fun with this as well.

Send the kids off with their baskets on a search around the garden for hidden chocolate eggs and sweet treats. You can make it a little more challenging and introduce hints and clues for them to read in order to find the next treat.

Hopefully, these tips and ideas helped you plan your Easter party, and we wish you a very happy Easter too!