What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one than by sharing a cake. If you’re in need of a few ideas, here at Simply Cake Craft we have come up with some top Valentine’s cake designs and decoration ideas, whether you plan to keep it simple or really add that extra gloss of sugar. Grab your apron and mixing bowl, and be inspired...happy baking!

Surprise-Inside Cake


(via I Am Baker)

You will truly surprise your loved one with a surprise-inside cake. Show your love by proving that it is what’s on the inside that counts. When your partner cuts the first slice a visible heart outline will pop out. Surprise-inside cakes can be a little tricky though and take practice but Amanda at I Am Baker has created an easy to follow recipe. We recommend keeping the outside of the cake relatively simple so that the heart inside really stands out.

Heart-Shaped Sponge


(via Hood V)


Mix things up slightly by moving away from a conventional round sponge and creating a heart-shaped cake instead. You can find heart-shaped cake tins from most kitchen or homeware stores. If you can’t find one though simply make two cakes, one with a square tin and the other with a round tin, cutting the round one in half and attaching to either side of the square in a diamond. Decorate the border with red berries, such as strawberries or raspberries, to really make that heart shape look cute.

Rose Swirl Piping


(via Glorious Treats)

Get creative with your piping skills and whip up a rose covered cake. You can bake a normal sponge cake or make things a bit more complicated with a tiered cake. Decorating the whole exterior of the cake looks effective no matter what the size and height of the cake. Create a stiff buttercream icing, and, using a piping bag with a jagged nozzle, create swirls around the outside and on the top to form roses. Varying shades of icing add another depth to your cake, or try mixing up an indulgent chocolate cake.

Written Message


(via Little Birthday Cakes)

If you’re not very good with words and aren’t one to write out a long love letter, tell them how much you care by writing a short message on the cake. We advise practising your icing skills first before writing it directly on the cake though. Those master bakers make it look easy but it takes a very steady hand! Decorate the rest of the cake however you like, with heart sprinkles, a piping border, icing shapes, or with a ribbon tied in a bow. Just make sure the icing will be visible against the colour of the cake.

Find the perfect Valentine’s Day cake decorations by heading to our seasonal page at Simply Cake Craft. From cupcake cases to sparkling sugar crystals and heart cupcake toppers, we can help you create the loveliest cake. Contact us with any queries and don’t forget to have a look at our blog for more cake tips.