Mothering Sunday is a chance to celebrate and honour the strong women in our lives, and this year it falls on March 15th. Show your mum, grandma, aunties, sisters, and daughters how much they mean to you by doing something special – and what could be more special than cake? If you’re like us then you don’t need a special occasion to warrant a spot of baking, but Mother’s Day is as perfect an excuse as any! If you’re looking for inspiration then read on...

  • Cupcake bouquet – Why give flowers when you can give a bouquet of cake? Bake a batch of cupcakes and make some light and fluffy buttercream in nice floral colours like pink, lemon, lilac and green and grab your rose petal nozzle. Pipe buttercream roses onto the cupcakes and set to one side. Next, place some florists oasis into a clean plant pot. Use florists wire to position the cupcakes around the oasis to give the effect of a bouquet; decorate it with ribbon and watch your mum’s face light up when she receives it!
  • Your face on a cake – Choose a photo that has some meaning; it could be a picture of you and your mum when you were little, or perhaps you and your siblings. Once you’ve chosen your photo simply send it to us and we’ll print it onto edible paper using edible ink! All you need to do is bake (or buy) an iced cake in the right size, then apply the transfer to the cake, and voila!
  • Afternoon tea – This quaint English tradition is the perfect way to celebrate Mothering Sunday. There are many hotels and patisseries that offer afternoon tea, but it’s really easy to host your own! All you need is a nice cake stand, some small plates, and a tea set. Make a selection of small finger sandwiches filled with things like salmon and cucumber, ham salad, and egg and cress; and bake a selection of small cakes like cupcakes, frangipanes, macaroons, and scones. Finally, make sure you serve several varieties of tea like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Darjeeling for a truly sophisticated way to spend Mother’s Day!