The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens for its 6th series. It started on August 5th, so we’re four weeks into the series now, but don’t worry if you’ve missed any episodes, you can still catch up on the BBC iPlayer. If you’ve never watched the Great British Bake Off aka GBBO then you don’t know what you’re missing, so we’ll start by telling you a bit about it...

What is the Great British Bake Off?

GBBO is an annual televised baking competition in which 12 amateur bakers compete against each other to impress the judges, baking legends Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Each week sees the bakers tackle a different baking skill, from bread making to delicate patisserie baking. The contestants are set three challenges: the signature bake, the technical bake, and the showstopper bake. These challenges are designed to really separate the wheat from the chaff and impress the judges enough to move onto the final stages of the competition.

I like baking, can I join in?

Yes! The bake-off gives amateur bakers all over the country the opportunity to join in and showcase their bakes online to be voted on by others. Simply start by baking something yummy, whether it’s a cake, pastry, or loaf of bread. Take a photo of your bake and upload it to the GBBO website along with any tips or the full recipe if you want to share. Like other people’s bakes while you sit back and wait for people to appreciate your own bake.

5 reasons we love the Bake Off

If you’re a regular viewer of the GBBO then you’ll know that the cakes are only part of the attraction to the show! Here are five alternative reasons why we love it...

  1. Mary Berry – Nobody rocks a floral blazer like the queen of baking! We love Mary Berry’s colourful array of outfits, especially her blazers; she’s certainly a showstopper.
  2. The innuendos – It’s a wonder anyone can keep a straight face with all those innuendos floating around! Soggy bottoms, firm kneading, and dough balls... pure filth!
  3. The disasters – Not every cake can wow the judges and the audience; GBBO has seen its fair share of cake flops and disasters, but it reminds us the contestants are only human.
  4. The showstoppers – When it comes to baking, the only limit is the imagination of the baker, and that’s never more evident than when the showstoppers come out.
  5. The feels – Bake Off starts airing in the summer, but 10 weeks later we’re well into autumn and watching it whilst snuggled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a slice of cake, imagining we’re there with the bakers, feeling what they feel.