FMM Easy Bunting Shaped Sugarcraft Cutter 3 Set

FMM Easy Bunting Shaped Cutter For Sugarcraft - 3 Sizes

FMM Easy Bunting Shaped Sugarcraft Cutter 3 Set

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FMM Easy Bunting Shaped Cutters For Sugarcraft - 3 Sizes
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Forget spending hours making bunting to decorate cakes and bakes, this easy to use set is all you need to create perfect bunting in three different sizes, with sharp yet smooth cutting edges a perfect result is guaranteed every time. Each cutter in the set cuts out 8 bunting shapes so a real time saving tool kit essential from FMM. Perfect for wedding, baby showers and celebration cakes
Approx measurements: Large:  35mm x 40mm x 40mm, Medium: 25mm x 30mm x 30mm, Small: 20mm x 25mm x 25mm
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