Gingham Printed Sugar Icing Sheet

Gingham Printed Sugar Icing Sheet

Gingham Printed Sugar Icing Sheet

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Gingham Printed Sugar Icing Sheet
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Gingham Printed Sugar Icing Sheet

A printed Icing sheet to help make your bakes look great.

Once removed from the backing sheet you can cut the icing sheet with scissors or a craft knife. You can cut it into any shape you like so what about triangles for bunting, heart shapes, diamond shapes etc... Or why not cut it into strips and make a ribbon for your cake which is completely edible!

The design is printed onto the icing sheet with edible food ink meaning that it is 100% edible. The sugar icing will stick directly to an iced cake whether it be buttercream or fondant (roll out) icing. They have a minimum 8 month 'best-before' date from the day we send them out.

The toppers are sent out to you in a sealed bag for freshness and a carded envelope to prevent damage in transit.


Water, Cornstarch, Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup Solids, Cellulose, Sorbitol, Glycerine, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Gum Arabic, Polysorbate 80, Vanilla, Titanium Dioxide, Citric Acid. Edible Colours, which may contain some or all of : E422, E133, Propandiol 1, 2, E1520, E330, E122, E124, E151, E110, E104, E102.

Please note

The sheets are available in two sizes: 7.5" x 5" or 7.5" x 10", and a range of colours. Please choose the size or shape you require from the drop down menu.

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