PME Level Baking Belt Cake Tin Wrap

PME Level Baking Belt Cake Tin Wrap

PME Level Baking Belt Cake Tin Wrap

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PME Level Baking Belt Cake Tin Wrap
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A must have for any baker, whether you are an expert or a complete novice.
A great tool for achieving an even distribution of heat through your baking tin. The Level Baking Belt by PME is easy to use and a great time saver.  It is superb for ensuring your cake rises evenly all the way around, without a burnt crispy edge. It

There are 6 available sizes to choose from.

How to use the Level Baking Belt:
1. Select a baking belt that is the right size and height for your tin.
2. Soak the belt in cold water and remove the excess. Do not wring.
3. Pour your cake batter into the pan and bake as required.

CAUTION: Do not exceed 180 degrees Celsius and please check that the baking belt is not in direct contact with any heating element, gas flames or the side of the oven.

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